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I can recall no more distressing recent local event …than the spectacle of the World Of Inquiry School soccer team kneeling during the National Anthem…..except, possibly, the repellent reaction of self-important educrats in our embarrassingly bad City Schools catering to this alleged sports team.
For what it’s worth, if I were the coach - the World Of Inquiry’s grandstanding, overindulged brats would find themselves in a World Of Forfeiture of that particular game – with a World of Cancellation of the entire soccer program for the remainder of the school year as the penalty for any further stunts.
It is beyond sickening to watch these partially formed human beings….tragically mimicking a sad NFL pariah whose sports legacy will be narcissism rather than accomplishment.  Maybe they’d like to take a knee in front of a Marine or soldier who lost his or her legs and God knows what else, defending that flag and country they hold in the fashionable contempt today fanned by self-loathing leftist media and politicians.
But at least we can understand – note I did not say excuse - a tiny part of this immaturity because it was perpetrated by children.  School Of Inquiry principal Sheela Webster – what’s your excuse?  You characterize this self-aggrandizing stunt as “a teachable moment” while sputtering nonsense about the First Amendment and informed decisions?
The privilege of playing on a school sports team is not the time or place for grandiose self-promotion of controversy or virtue-signaling.  WOI and the RCSD are supposed to be educators.  Are we to gather that, government public educratic priorities do not embrace character, humility, appreciation for the blessings bestowed by American sacrifice, hard work and valor?
Dear listener – I fear we already know the answer – for the question, pun intended, is academic.  The smug, autocratically trained administration coddling tomorrow’s potential monsters doesn’t share our values.  They’re too busy preening and raising taxpayer-funded wineglasses in toasts…to the years the locusts have eaten.

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