Robert Craig SavageRobert Craig Savage

President and Founder

In 2019, Bob Savage marks 52 years in radio and TV, including stints on the air and in management in New York City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Detroit, Buffalo and Knoxville, TN - as well as four radio stations in Rochester and on-air as nighttime movie host on Channel 31. Bob built the original WYSL in 1986 and secured the FCC grants for FM stations in the metro on 93.3 and 107.3, as well as for full-power TV stations in the U.S Virgin Islands and Altoona, PA. He's a graduate of Ithaca College and the University of Tennessee Law School at Knoxville, with honors. Bob is a voiceover talent for WHEC-TV, ROC Communications, Turnbull Heating & Air, Henderson Automotive, Hoselton Automotive Group, and several automotive and retail clients in Syracuse.

Bob D'AngeloBob D'Angelo

Business Manager

Bob returned to WYSL 1040 in 2002 after ten years in retail management, distribution and outside sales, where he received several awards and honors for various achievements. He was originally Operations Manager at WYSL (1988-1992) in its earlier stages of development and returned to supervise operations, production, sports, and other aspects of the business. Bob is a graduate of SUNY Alfred. He is Christmas Band Director as well as member of the Senior Choir and Bell Choir at Avon Central Presbyterian Church. Bob plays Cornet in the East Rochester Fire Department Band. A favorite hobby is restoring vintage electromechanical pinball machines and arcade equipment. He enjoys spending spare time playing games in his home arcade.

Jeff MillerJeff Miller

On Air Host and Producer

Jeff joined WYSL in 2009 and is the producer and host of the Time Out! radio show - featuring music, banter, humor, esoterica, interviews, and more. Jeff also does voiceover work, and maintains a loyal customer base of advertisers. Jeff's broadcasting career started in 1981, hosting a weekly classical music program at WRUR (88.5 FM). From 1990-1995, he hosted a weekly jazz music show at WITR (89.7 FM). In his spare time, he volunteers at the Antique Wireless Association (AWA) Museum in Bloomfield, NY and enjoys getting on the amateur bands with his F.C.C. Extra Class license, N2AWA.

Jim QuinnJim Quinn

“Quinn In The Morning”
Weekdays 6am - 9am

Jim brought a change to Pittsburgh radio in the 60s and 70s, he was loud, and brash, and fun! Jim came to KQV from Ohio. Jim spent time at WLYT-FM in Cleveland Heights Ohio, went to Conneaut, Ohio, and then to WING 1410 AM in Dayton, Ohio before coming to Pittsburgh. Jim was in Pittsburgh twice. He arrived in Pittsburgh, August 30, 1967. In July of 1968, Jim left Pittsburgh for Philadelphia and WIBG. When Kris Stevens left KQV to head to sister station WLS in Chicago, it was time to bring our Leader back. On February 8, 1969, Jim Quinn came home to KQV. Jim remained at KQV until 1973. In 1973, Jim left for New York City where he was PD at WPLJ-FM, the ABC owned and operated FM in New York (formerly WABC-FM). Then he did the 7-Midnight shift on WPIX-FM also in New York City before going to WKBW in Buffalo. Jim calls Pittsburgh home again today. After a very successful stint in Buffalo, Jim again returned to the Steel City and 13Q (WKTQ). Since then Jim has remained a fixture on the Pittsburgh radio scene, with WTAE-AM, B-94 (WBZZ-FM) and WRRK. In January of 2004, Jim moved to a new talk station in Pittsburgh, WPGB 104.7 FM. Jim and his partner Rose Somma Tennet are also heard on WWVA in Wheeling, W.Va. and WHLO in Akron, Ohio. Quinn's syndicated show on WPGB ended on November 15, 2013 when he was unable to reach a contract agreement with the station. WYSL brought Jim back to the airwaves on April 1st 2015.

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck

Weekdays 9am - Noon
Call In: 888-727-BECK (2325)

Glenn Beck is a leading American media personality, political commentator, author, and co-founder of Blaze Media, a multiplatform news and entertainment network available on television, radio, and the internet. Glenn's wit, candor, and commanding on-air presence have earned him the loyal support of a large, enthusiastic audience, as well as top ratings on network television and talk radio. He is a leading voice for conservatism and is a staunch defender of the Constitution, individual liberties, and free markets.

Josh ReidJosh Reid

Host: Dark to Light
Monday & Wednesday 12pm - 2pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12pm - 1pm
Click here for Josh’s Red Pill Project shows:

Joshua Reid is from Western NY, served just under 10 years in the United States Navy. After his service, he ventured into the corporate world, eventually leading him to starting his own business and entrepreneurism. He founded the Redpill Project after an experience with Information Censorship and seeing how much of the world's mainstream media channels propagate biased and destructive propaganda. He has set his mission to uncover the lies and deception behind the global machine and bring about a public perception of their plans for a new world order.

Jim PriceJim Price

Host: Dark to Light
Monday & Wednesday 12pm - 2pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12pm - 1pm

Jim is a proud father of four, and has accomplished more than most and experienced just about everything the establishment can throw at one person. Jim spent 18 years of a 33 years construction career designing, building and training very high level secured military installations for the Debt. of Defense. Jim has been a Youth pastor, Wrestling coach, Football coach, and played on the 2015 National Championship Wichita Barbarian Men’s Rugby Team. Jim started "The Jim Price Show" back in 2018. He has grown his platform, from AM and FM radio, podcast to syndicate TV. He also is an Epoch Times contributor. Jim's main goal is to teach life changing lessons to help better and ignite the Patriot that is in each of us.

Kevin WilsonKevin Wilson

Host: A Free Solution
Thursday 8pm - 9pm

Kevin Wilson is the former chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party and has worked with Libertarian and Republican candidates at the local, state, and federal level to advance freedom. He’s been a consistent advocate for all of your liberty all the time. Kevin grew up in the Utica-Rome area, went to Wells College in the finger lakes, and now lives in the city of Rochester with his wife, son, dog, and cat.

Larry SharpeLarry Sharpe

Host: Sharpe Way Radio
Tuesday 1pm - 2pm

Larry Sharpe is the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc. and the Host of The Sharpe Way LIVE Video Podcast. He is a corporate trainer, executive coach and management consultant. His specialties are sales, leadership and business growth. In addition, Larry consults with law firms for jury selection and trial prep, and with political campaigns regarding strategy and debate prep. He has been an interim senior executive for companies in times of crisis; filling a senior post and helping them find a replacement. Larry is also a professional speaker and has spoken at dozens of venues to a wide range of audiences throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

He was The Libertarian Party's Gubernatorial Candidate for New York in 2018. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Maryland and lives in NYC, with his wonderful wife that he met in high school and their two daughters.

Dan BonginoDan Bongino

“The Dan Bongino Show”
Monday-Thursday 2pm - 5pm
Friday 1pm - 4pm

Dan Bongino is an American conservative political commentator, radio show host, author, perennial candidate, and conspiracy theorist. He served as a New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer from 1995 to 1999, and as a Secret Service agent from 1999 to 2011.

Dana LoeschDana Loesch

“The Dana Show”
Weekdays 9pm – Midnight

Dana Loesch hosts the award-winning, nationally syndicated radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas. Dana’s original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence has found a fast-growing audience in multiple mediums. Dana is listed in the top 25 of Talkers Magazine‘s top 100 “heavy hitters” and was named Missouri’s #1 Radio Personality in 2014. A former award-winning newspaper columnist, Dana was ranked as one of the top 16 most powerful mothers online by Neilsen and one of the top 30 Under 30 according to the St. Louis Business Journal. She was the 2012 winner of Accuracy In Media’s Grassroots Journalism award, as well as the inaugural Breitbart Spirit Award.

Eric Harley & Gary McNameraEric Harley & Gary McNamera

Eric Harley & Gary McNamera
Hosts Red Eye Radio
Weekdays 1am - 5am
Weekends 1am - 6am
Call In: 866-90-REDEYE

Red Eye Radio is the pre-eminent syndicated overnight radio show. Red Eye Radio’S mission includes virtually everyone living and working non-traditional hours. The audience includes shift workers, travelers, truck drivers and others who embrace the new 24/7 lifestyle, with many restaurants, retailers and other business establishments open round the clock. Red Eye Radio is the successor to Midnight Trucking Radio Network, a program whose roots go back 40 years. Each night the hosts of Red Eye Radio review the headlines, cover the issues that matter and keep listeners tuned-in with insight and perspective. Also on the agenda popular culture, family issues and detailed national weather forecasts.

Paul CiminelliPaul Ciminelli

Host: Valor Radio
Wednesday 7pm, Saturday 8am, Sunday 12pm

Paul is a Rochester native and a graduate of the University of Rochester, as well as Rutgers University Law School (Juris Doctor) and Master of Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. He’s currently senior partner in the law firm of Ciminelli and Ciminelli, has started a number of successful businesses in Western New York, and has served as a prosecutor in the Monroe County (NY) District Attorney’s office. Paul is a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights and is active in a number of gun rights organizations as well as veterans’ organizations. He served in the US Army for more than 30 years and retired in 2011 after achieving the rank of Colonel in 2005. In connection with his military service Paul completed numerous tours and deployments including Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia as well as serving on the faculty of the NATO School teaching throughout Europe, and is currently adjunct professor in the Homeland Security Management Institute at Monroe Community College, lecturing on terrorism and US internal security.

Peter VazquezPeter Vazquez

Host: The Next Steps Show
Saturday & Sunday 1pm

Peter Vazquez is a disabled-veteran, servant leader, business owner, and advocate who was born and raised in Rochester, NY. His years of community-centered service and decisive leadership in business and not-for-profit grassroots efforts provide a solid foundation and the source of his motivation to stand firm against the continued, tumultuous political decisions causing segregation. Peter is a husband and father of five, who also serves as caregiver to his elderly parents, and recognizes his calling after years of working alongside community leaders and organizers who seek a steady, rightful, and uncompromising voice. Peter is committed to bringing people together by uniting similarities and differences rooted in community thought and spirit with a mindset of listening first. He firmly believes in focusing on life, education, and entrepreneurship as paths to growth, celebration, and prosperity for every person in the community. Peter's charismatic and genuine nature brings a unique perspective to the table, creating synergy where dysergy has been the norm for so long. According to one individual, Peter is the right person to work alongside to unite all persons seeking a New York centered on creating opportunity and growth, not dependency and pelf. His philosophy is based on the sanctity of human life, the promotion of free market principles, and limited government, making him an ideal partner to stand with to ensure liberty, demand integrity in a corrupt environment, and fight for what is morally right. Peter's resolution is matched by his determination to demonstrate a servant's heart, making him an admirable and inspiring individual.

Ayesha KreutzAyesha Kreutz

Host: The Next Steps Show
Saturday & Sunday 1pm

Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz was born in Massachusetts, raised in Key West, Florida, and Syracuse NY. She has traveled the country and currently resides in Medina, NY. Ayesha is a small business owner. She owns a small horse-tack business. She describes herself as a jack of all trades and master of one, the bride of Jesus Christ, the wife of Matthew, a mother, a chaplain, a leader builder, a disciple, a political consultant and commentator, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a pro-life advocate, a community organizer, and an activist. As a chaplain, Ayesha serves many pastors, churches, groups, and businesses in the area. She focuses her time and skills on educating those around her through a comprehensive Biblical worldview, encouraging positive changes through preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to strengthen the family unit and to help integrate peaceful initiatives involving education and civic participation. Her passions have her fighting and standing up for life, education, traditional family values, Real History, and the economic solvency of the United States of America. Her goal in life is to show that God deserves all the Glory and that, with HIM, all things are possible. Her journey has taken her from broken and abused to a place of Godly character and freedom through the forgiveness and healing of Jesus Christ. Chaplain Kreutz firmly believes that understanding and knowing scripture, our national history and economics will allow individuals to embrace liberty, to live as free thinkers and to escape the toxins of generational welfare dependency, institutionalized poverty and the culture of death and rejection. Breaking the chains of dependency and institutional falsisms will instead cultivate a culture of life and acceptance. For God, family, and country.

Mike HennessyMichael Hennessy

Host: “Good News Talk”
Saturday and Sunday 2pm

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Mike Hennessy grew up in Geneva, NY - graduated DeSales High in 1976, and joined the NYArmy National Guard. In 1979 he was selected to attend Officer Candidate School and was Commissioned 2nd Lt at the age of 19. He returned to work in sales and marketing for 15 years and in 1993 became Director of Marketing for Wright-Wisner Distributing in Rochester. In 1997 Mike moved to the world of radio & media marketing at Entercom Rochester and then ClearChannel and WHAM 1180 in 2005. In ’09 he became the Open Door Mission’s first Development Director; 2 years later he was promoted to Executive Director where he significantly grew the resources of the organization while establishing the 65 year old ministry’s first women and children’s housing program. In 2020 Mike accepted the postion of Executive Director at Youth For Christ Rochester, a faith led Youth Development organization in Downtown Rochester. Mike & wife Cathy attend Bethel Christian Fellowship and son Joel serves in the US Air Force.

Andrew BattistiAndrew Battisti

WYSL Sports Director
Host: "Kick In The Grass"

Andrew Battisti, a native Rochesterian, has been on local radio over the past four decades, as a disc jockey, sports broadcaster, play-by-play announcer for the Western New York Flash, RIT soccer and basketball, St. John Fisher basketball, the Rochester Razorsharks and the Rochester Zeniths. Andrew also had a number of roles with the Rochester Rhinos, including play-by-play radio announcer and the host of Rhinos’ pre-and-post game shows on WYSL Andrew is the play by play host of Roberts Wesleyan Redhawks basketball on WYSL.

Joe 'Red Card' SirianniJoe "Red Card" Sirianni

Host: "Kick In The Grass"

Joe Sirianni, born in Italy, has been part of the Rochester soccer scene since coming here in the mid-1950s, first involved with the Italian American Sport Club, then as trainer and traveling secretary of the Rochester Lancers and Rochester Flash, and most recently as host of the soccer show. He lives in Gates. Joe is also member of the American Community Center and the Gates Amita Club. For more information, visit

Bob LuckeyBob Luckey

Western New York Correspondent 

In 2019, Bob Luckey marked 30 years as the Buffalo-based western New York correspondent for the WYSL stations, all part of a career that spanned from the 1980's to the 2000's, which included on-air stints in Rochester, Seneca Falls, Dansville, Avon and Springville. Over the years, Bob has covered stories as diverse as border and homeland security, selected election campaigns, and economic and transportation issues of interest to the Rochester metro area. Bob has also provided headline coverage of selected news stories from the Lackawanna Six case in 2002 to Winter Storm Elliott in 2022. Bob is a 1978 graduate of Penfield High School, a 1982 graduate of St. John Fisher University, and is featured on the Heroes Corner at US Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC.

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