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Locally-owned and operated WYSL celebrates 32 years of innovative programming and growth in January 2019! The WYSL Stations have evolved since 1987 from a small daytime-only AM station serving Livingston County, to a massive 20,000 watt presence on AM 1040 serving Rochester, the Finger Lakes and Western New York, from northern Pennsylvania to the St. Lawrence. FM 92.1 in Brighton/Rochester debuted in 2010 and FM 95.5 Spencerport started serving the western suburbs of Rochester in September 2018. WYSL has been proud to bring you Jim Quinn, Bill Nojay, award-winning Second Amendment Radio, Valor Radio for the military, Peter Haidt’s Credibility Report, Radio Free New York with Andrew Hollister, and Tom Hamilton’s Wall Street To Main Street as well as special programming for seniors, Native Americans and women. WYSL first innovated great national hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Dana Loesch, Bill Bennett, Alan Colmes, and Buck Sexton on local airwaves.

WYSL Loves animals... Lollypop Farm featured on the Seniors Rock Show.

Jesus wasn't a socialist

Jim Quinn lights up with SAFE-Act approved assault lighter
Jim Quinn lights up with SAFE-Act approved assault lighter

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